Shorewood Men's Club

Who We Are

The Shorewood Men's Club is a community organization, founded in 1956, as a way for the men in the Village of Shorewood to meet, enjoy a little camaraderie and support worthy village organizations. 61 years later, we are still working to make the Village of Shorewood great by contributing to local charities and organizations. The club is open to all men (and their spouses) who live in, or work in, Shorewood. If you are interested in joining, check out our membership page.

What We Do

The Shorewood Men's Club meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month from September to June at Hubbard Park Lodge, 3565 North Morris Blvd. For the members who can make the meeting, a typical evening starts at 6:00pm with friendly conversation and a sit-down dinner. Following dinner, the evening's guest speaker will entertain, enlighten or amaze. A typical evening wraps up by 8:30pm, except for members who choose to stick around for a spirited game of Sheepshead or a drink at the bar.

Four times each year, we hold fundraisers in the village. These fundraisers allow us to donate over $10,000 annually, which goes to charities and organizations which benefit the residents of Shorewood.

Upcoming Events

Tim Joynt - Director of Curriculum/Instruction for the Shorewood School District
April 5, 2017
Mr. Joynt will present an update on the Shorewood School District.
Easter Egg Hunt
April 15, 2017
The Shorewood Men's Club annual Easter Egg Hunt, the unofficial start to Spring in Shorewood, will take place on Saturday, April 15th promptly at 9:00 at Hubbard Park. Over 10,000 eggs will be stuffed and ready! Several hunting grounds will be set up for different age groups, so whether your child is a toddler or 10 years old, he or she will have a designated area. Bring your own basket, and remember that the whistle blows at 9:00 am, and not a moment later. Brunch will be served at Hubbard Park Lodge that morning - make your reservations early.
April 19, 2017