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Who can join the Shorewood Men’s Club?
Any adult male who lives in the Village of Shorewood, works in the Village of Shorewood, or whose spouse/partner works in the Village of Shorewood.


What does the Shorewood Men’s Club do?
The Shorewood Men’s Club was founded in 1956 as a way for the men in the Village of Shorewood to meet, enjoy a little camaraderie, and support worthy village organizations. We hold three fundraisers a year and all money raised benefits the Shorewood community.


What are some of the benefits of joining the Shorewood Men’s Club?
Civic pride, a feeling of giving, a sense of community spirit, and if that’s not enough, several parties for you and your spouse. The Shorewood Men’s Club holds many events throughout the year: family picnics, a Turkey Raffle, a Christmas party, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.


Why should I join the Shorewood Men’s Club?
The SMC has about 100 members who come from all walks of life. Each of us share a common cause: “Making Shorewood a better place to live and work.” If you care about the quality of life in Shorewood, want to know more about your local community, and are interested in making some lifelong friends – we invite you to join.


What does it cost to join?
Dues are only $50 each year. This covers the Fall Family Night Picnic, extra expenses on all Special Events, the Spring Family Night picnic and the newsletter. A true bargain in this day and age.


Can I bring my wife/partner or friend along?
The Shorewood Men’s Club welcomes spouses/partners and friends of members to all meetings.


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